20070723 update

We don’t have internet at the house yet, so brief from-the-office-jeff-aint-over-my-shoulder mini-update.

I met Kr* (from that dating site) for the first time last weekend for coffee & then dinner… despite all my worst fears, she turned out to be cool and normal and not give off any creepy vibes. So this weekend we met up again, this time at the aquarium. They have some very cuuute penguins :) I haven’t managed to do something stupid yet; she still likes me ;) Part of me is still waiting for the dream to end… we’ll probably see each other again next weekend at the earliest; crazy lab hours.

HAL showed up Wed. nite; he and I are (sort of) moved in. A carpet steamer guy is scheduled to come in this evening just came in this evening, so for now all our stuff is stacked up in the basement and kitchen (off the carpets). The intarwebs are in theory coming on Wednesday to fill that throbbing void in our lives right now. We decided it is probably not worth the effort to set up a machine and internet connection sharing/forwarding in the corner where we can pick up the neigbor’s unsecured wireless for only a couple days’ surfing. We’re still stuck with Crapcast right now as FIOS is not available on our street yet. (But it’s offered in select places in Medford already! Come on, FIOS….)

Does anyone remember playing house as a kid? You know, where you’d have this pretend household with (possibly) pretend children, and pretend issues, etc., and you’d pretend to be grown-ups and everything like that. My babysitter loved this. Well, the last few days felt kind of like that. HAL and I planning out how to hack the cable tv what furniture and where, MythTV…saturday we pulled weeds and hoe’d in preparation of planting a garden; yesterday HAL cooked a nice dinner of stir-fried noodles, while I sponged the cruft out of the kitchen cabinets and added pots and pans. It feels just like playing house, playing at being grown-ups, until the reality slowly trickles in that this is all for-real in my actual house. It’s kind of a weird feeling, squicking me out from time to time.

Crap, once we unstack all the stuff from the kitchen I have to go back to the apartment, clean it up and fetch the rest of my stuff.

BTW, who (ahem, besides GJM) saves an entire huge box of dead incandescent light bulbs?


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