Quick ‘n dirty, but my demo for the show is almost finished. Powered by maraschino cherries and vodka ;-)

The show will be this weekend, Sat. 11/03/2007, 2-7pm.

ULA Cafe / The Brewery Complex
284 Amory St.
Jamaica Plain, MA

It’s aaaart! Bring your friends!

Figure 1: "oh, beep me again!"

4 Responses to “intercommunicate”

  1. Rebecca says:

    THIS WAS SO GOOD. Thank you again for showing!

  2. […] apparently it thinks my Trance Vibe netdemo is a Trojan Horse, just like many other programs built using old versions of Borland C/C++ […]

  3. Mike says:

    Can someone make an msn messenger plus add on to control the trance vibrator through msn

  4. bb says:

    I’ve got a skype plugin ready for testing… I just need to sort out some hosting.

    I’ve emailed drmn with more details.

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