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You know the saying that when shit happens, it’s usually not content to happen in the absence of other shit? So um…yeah. Typically, my thought on friendcest is that it’s generally not a good idea for the inter-friend-group drama that it threatens to create, especially when it fails, and/or when two of the relators (e.g. current one and previous one) meet up awkwardly at one of the usual friend-group gatherings. But the other day I realized how deep the rabbit hole can go. (Cue *squick* factor.)

Apparently, one of my best friends from college met my cousin over 4th of july, and they’ve started dating. Err… I guess dating isn’t exactly the right term. The term the kids are using these days is “fuck buddies”. Eww. Guys tend to have this irrepressible urge to brag about their conquests, and this one in particular tends to spare no detail at no inopportune time (cue references to Snowball Stories while eating cafeteria clam chowder). Now there is one set of stories I don’t need to hear. Eww. Also, he’s 27 and she’s still in undergrad. Eww. So yeah, I guess she dumped her bf who’s currently off to college at Fah Away East for this purpose, and a few days ago went off to college herself in the land of Fah Away Midwest, and now things are weird between them. Go figure.






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