Tufts: Manic Street Pizzas

I got a chance to test out my antilock brakes yesterday. I was driving to work a different way than usual due to road-closed construction, and came across this. Or more technically, screeched to a halt in front of it as some Tufts freshman chick appeared on the street from out of nowhere behind a parked SUV. Click on the link, then follow College Ave northish-bound as it hooks to the right and passes by the Tufts campus before intersecting Boston Ave.

See the crosswalk there, just north/east of the bend? You can, because this is an overhead view. However, when you’re driving in a car and not a satellite, it is not smart to put a crosswalk just around a blind curve at the top of a hill. I would go one further and say that allowing cars to park right up to the edge of it–such that motorists can’t see pedestrians at all (or vice versa) until they’re halfway across the lane–isn’t a good idea, either.

(As for the deer-meets-headlights “what, you mean streets have cars on them?” look on the Tufts girl’s face, I’m not even getting started on that.)


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