Timing closure

Saturday… me being a Guild Whore, tackling a quest log (dwarfed only by my Project Stack) as a travelling-salesman optimization problem. Meanwhile, attempting (with no success, yet) to load an .iso of Shadow of the Colossus with HDloader. Eventually gave up on both of those and crashed for the night.

Had a dream that night about someone from my past. In it we were at the cabin (which, not atypically for my perpetually mis-timed and mis-scaled dreams, was unusually large, or we were unusually small) in a storm raging throughout the night. The power was out and the only illumination was from the fireplace and discontinuous lightning through the windows. And as thunderstorm turned to hail and trees bent and snapped outside the window I held her close, wrapped up in blankets and head buried under my chin and reassured her that it was okay, no matter what happened it was all going to be all right, and in the land of vikings those words actually meant something.

It was so vivid it scared me awake in that not-quite-rational-yet state, and I thought I was going to see a tree crashing right through the window. Needless to say it was entirely calm out, except for some vague and distant traffic sounds floating in from the window. Eventually I managed to fall back asleep, and the rest of the night was uneventful, except for a dream about cooking ribs over a fire at my parents’ house. Pretty much identical to one I had the last time I was in Chicago, but those had barbecue sauce on them and these didn’t. (Armchair psychologists may recognize recurring baby back dreams as a sign of dietary BBQ deficiency ;)

Sunday was a day of everyone coming out of the woodwork and wanting to do stuff at the same time, after a couple weeks of pretty much not seeing a soul outside of work. There was meetup @ dunkin donuts &|# go to the farm w/ An* # BBQ @ GJM’s, for the explicit short-notice invitations. By the time #1 materialized, #2 was already committed to, and there was no possible way we could mesh the timing. It’s annoying the way everything seems to kind of cluster together like that; just like about three work projects that (admittedly, my own misplanning is a slight contributing factor for one of them) suddenly picked this week to go timecritical. What ended up happening was that An*, J.R. and I went out to the farm coop (coming back with 2 huge bags of sungold cherry tomatoes, and 3 different colors of radishes, among other things), then shopping, then to dinner at an Indian restaurant near Harvard square.

[19:44] A*: Ok, I’m stealing that.
[19:52] me: haha
[19:52] *** Auto-response from A*: rm * /dev/bladder; cat /dev/fridge | grep food
[19:52] me: trouble with that is remembering to treat /dev/fridge as a FIFO and not a block device
[19:52] me: *contemplates 3 day old pizza vs. 2 day old indian food*


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