0b00011010 // Happy birthday to me…

I was driving to work this morning, which takes me past Tufts…so I was enjoying the scenery, and that’s when it hit me. “Oh, fuck, it’s happened. I’ve become a dirty old man.”

* * *

I mentioned this revelation to GG and the ‘Nator in the lab. They were proud of me. Said I was past the Denial stage…and that before I knew it, I’d be through all those intermediate stages and be where they are today…embracement. “You’ll come to embrace your inner dirty old man, just like us.”

* * *

Last weekend we had a party at J.R.’s. She made a sushi cake, with my age spelled out on it in binary (if you can’t read binary, I’m not tellin’ ya how old I am ;-) ). The candles were cucumber cores with a bit of nori wrapping and red/orange roe for the “flame”. Way too many pictures here!

(And the thursday before, Father’s day cake with L* and housemates (our birthdays are a day apart).


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  1. Seth says:

    Remember Timster, half plus seven, so 20 and up.

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