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And if rain brings winds of change, let it rain on us forever.
I have no doubt from what I’ve seen that I have never wanted more.
With this line I’ll mark the past as a symbol of beginning.
I have no doubt from what I’ve seen that I have never wanted more.

Today was…a good day. And a bad day. Mostly a good day. Bad because I’m losing the company of a great friend for a while, and vice versa, and I am going to miss her so much. It’s hard to say goodbye…harder still to mean it. But good because really, we’re not losing anything…and have only to gain.

I finally said some things I’ve been meaning to for a long time…or maybe more specifically, completely danced around them all, but I think she understood what I was trying to say. (For those who sat through the Longest Post Ever in its entirety a couple nights ago, you maybe know what I’m talking about (also, my apologies); if you didn’t even see it…let me know; the LJ side maybe acting strangely from what I hear. First friends-only post in…probably ever.) Maybe saying something earlier would have avoided a lot of trouble. Or maybe just made it harder to let go, even for temporary. There’s a lot of maybe in this paragraph.

We met up, I handed off my least carelessly-hacked-together Suncloud board to my favorite silver lining, then we grabbed some quick food at a Dunkin Donuts (yes, they have them in Chicago! Just not all touching one another), and read the writing on the wall, and the memories it pointed to. Father’s day cake. Do not immerse server. And made new ones, petting brass snails and prowling a deserted art center. Walked the grounds of Harvard in the unseasonable literal and figurative warmth, and ground through the paper-tape reader of the first computer to ever catch a bug. And said goodbye. And said goodbye, and said goodbye.

But I have to stop thinking about this as an ending… it’s a beginning.

In the company of geeks, does the counting start at one, or zero? Maybe normal people just don’t count things. I’ve heard the words before, but this time it might be for real. I don’t know what the rules are in this situation. Maybe there aren’t any.

Today is 1/21… It’s neither a major holiday nor a major version of ms-dos, but I think I can remember it anyway. It has been a beautiful day.

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