Clutter, Give Me Clutter (or, a GUI that doesn’t use Google as an externalized commandline)

UX nightmare: Get the menu at a restaurant, and it has only 2 items: toast and black coffee. But if you spindle the corner just right, a hidden flap pops out with a dessert menu. And if you shake it side to side, a card with a partial list of entrees falls in your lap (not all of them, just the ones you’ve ordered recently).

When you eat at Chateau DeClutter, bring a friend. If you can pinch all 4 corners of the menu at the same time, you can request the Advanced menu, wherein you just yell the name of a food across the room, and if that’s something they make, it’ll appear in about 20 minutes, and if not, nothing will happen.






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  1. Chuck Gosh Avatar
    Chuck Gosh

    I hear you. For some reason, whenever I type a single letter in Google’s search box, it immediately takes me to a Results page with the box at the top of the page. This means I cannot use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature. I remember when it worked, way back when.

    Bun now, if I point to the “I’m Feeling Lucky” box on a blank search term, it rolls instantly to another choice (e.g., I’m Feeling Puzzled) and takes me to a Search Results page. Wha??

    I like that Google improves things; sometimes I just wish they’d leave well enough alone.

    Using on Chrome browser on Windows

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