It’s official – I have spawn!

That day I never thought would come, and a younger me once *hoped* would never come…has come!

Our first spawn, Max Charles G, was born 7/26/2014 at around 6:40am.

Glad that’s over!

I kid, but seriously, the hospital part is the only real sucky part (for us, at least – Max is pretty chill). The part where you’ve both already been awake for a day and a half, the Mrs. is just all sorts of tore up, and the Mr. is camped out on this “thing” pretending to be a chair pretending to be a fold-out bed and failing outright at both. In otherwords, a medieval sleep-deprivation torture experiment of some kind. And then comes this tiny human that starts a one-sided screaming match every couple hours while you newbs haven’t more than a few books and a Google’s worth of a clue what to do about it. And about the second or third day of this you lay there with the tiny human in your arm, rubbing your eyes, thinking: Oh shit. This is what our lives will be now.

(Sometime on day 2-or-something of hospital)
T: I don’t even know what day this is.
K: It’s Monday.
T: It FEELS like a monday.
K: Get ready, every day’s going to feel like a Monday.

But… then you go home, sleep in your own bed, start getting the hang of all this feeding and changing business, and find out: those first several days are a fluke, and hey, this ain’t so bad after all! In fact, much like marriage for a dude, either I won the wife/baby lottery or the hype is BS: this is turning out to be much better than I expected.

Ah yes, and the tiny human is growing on me. I wasn’t expecting that either.

Anyway, here he is. If you don’t give a flying frog about pictures of Other Peoples’ Kids, you should probably look away now.

Max's first day...with that tasty, tasty hand

Max’s first day…with that tasty, tasty hand

That's my boy.

That’s my boy.

Either a yawn or an audition

Either a yawn or an audition

Max and the proud parents

Max and the proud parents

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