Aha, so that’s where my bandwidth is going!

After the endless move-to-new-webhost, I had a look at the new and improved stats generator and found John C. Dvorak’s blog in the top 10, by virtue of hotlinking images from the server. If he wasn’t the only PC tech writer with a big pair of brass ones, I’d be slightly cheesed. But hey…with 120GBytes/mo, I shall laugh at linkage. (Come on Slashdot, do your worst!)


2 Responses to “Aha, so that’s where my bandwidth is going!”

  1. When anyone asks me NOT to hotlink, I immediately pull the link or mirror it if they say it’s ok. People link to my original images too so it balances out somewhat. I have discussed this practice in my online review of WordPress. I consider it an aspect of “fair use.”

    Besides, you “laugh” at linkages! :)

  2. Tim says:

    No problem at all, I actually thought it was kind of cool. Forgot I even had this image collecting dust in the archives, and had a good laugh at it all over again :-)

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