Found this in my snail today…

Credit cards. And ads for a jillion more credit cards. My hand’s getting tired from writing DECEASED on all these things and tossing them back in the mail. What’s going on, did I miss a payment, and these vultures are hearing the carrion call of fees and interest charges, or is my credit history just so good that the great credit wizards bow before me, each bestowing his gift in the form of a card with more platinum than a space-qualified photovoltaic array? ( /me dives for the big red Abort Rant button before several more pages are consumed…)

Anyway, one of them was the replacement to my actual expiring-this-month card, so I opened it, to find the following line catch my attention:

“…And don’t forget the Wells Fargo Credit Defense(R) Service.

When you enroll, the plan will defer your payment for up to 12 months should you be come involuntarily unemployed, disabled, […] or suffer a loss of life […]. The temporary payment deferral is subject to certain elegibility requirements […].”

Woohoo, if I get randomly hit by a bus, my corpsicle will have up to a full year to make my next payment! How considerate. (Just watch “being a live human” be one of those elegibility requirements, though.)

QOTD: “Because I’m a gentleman. Ok not really, but I play one in real life.” -Me, on things left undiscussed


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