Lan Party Potluck Pizza Thingie

This weekend, a crazy little potluck + LAN party at J.R.’s place with No*, (new guy) Z*, and a whole bunch of people whose names I can’t remember. We made just Entirely Too Much Pizza (and cookies….oh, the cookies), hung out just shooting the shit, playing DDR and Katamari…so much random other stuff, that we didn’t even get to the LAN-ing at all. Ended the night with this crazy game (telephone Pictionary? Or something to that effect), iteratively captioning drawings, shifting clockwise, and drawing captions (often with illogically convergent results…i.e. the theme of the last one matching that of the first after having taken a completely circuitous path in between). (“Welcome to Boston!”)

QOTD: “Finally, a valid excuse to instant message people who are in the same room as you!” – on the subject of No* monumentally losing her voice

QOTD: (paraphrase) “And with that, the world’s leading researchers had finally discovered where Teletubbies came from.” – one of many captions


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