Woohoo! We’ve got to do this every year. Maybe a few times a year.

This weekend myself and some guys from work went on a camping trip in NH (8 of us in total). Just for the hell of it, we (most of us – 2 wussies stayed behind) climbed to the top of Mt. Monadnock, about 3100 feet tall. Great view. We got there just in time to see another hiker bring out a kite and attempt to fly it, and nearly get dragged off the mountain before turning loose (just a *little* too windy). Afterward, a lot of shooting the shit and BBQing, had what was probably the 2nd best steak ever (nothing beats meat cooked on a *real* wood fire – a bed of charcoal bricks just isn’t the same…). And the stars…wow…I was starting to forget what they looked like.

Next morning we got to see Jared *spring* out of his tent, wayyy too energetic and alert for 7AM and the monster hangover he should have been nursing. Turns out he woke up with a good-sized spider crawling on him (its ass, ahem, abdomen was at least the diameter of a nickel), later caught in an empty bag of jerky and passed around just to give everyone the willies.

QOTD: “It’s only six o’clock…if we went to bed now, we could have twelve hours of sheep!” -G*
“Um…you meant sleep, right?” – Everyone else
“I can only do 4 hours of sheep.” -Co*


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