Fronts – week of…this week

Workness: Successfully clawed out from under every and all time-zapping obligations, deadlines and et cetera. Catching up on some much needed, beautiful zzZzzZzZZz…

Project Stack:
The Walking Man, my brother’s parting gift just before I peeled out of Chicagoland for the last time, exists only as a non-illuminated wallhanging, a (literal) shadow of his former role directing Willow Springians safely across the streets of Willow Springs (traffic density: Fuckall). What was that, measure twice and cut once? Haha…guess I need more wood.

The TrashAmp inches toward completion on a couple fronts – logic for the stepup converter laid out on authentic VeroBoard(r)(tm)(c)(processed cheese food) and smoke-tested on an actual current-limiting (smoke-limiting) bench supply. Beauty! Enclosure dimensions for the actual ghetto-blastification component (subwoofer box) calculated, wood measured, some of it actually cut. Sucks that I only get the bug to do projects like this late at night, when the whole house is asleep and I can’t actually saw wood and stuff. (You’d think I’d start doing this stuff earlier then, or something. As If!)

The “mYpod” similarly creeps toward maturity against its will. Just because Windows can’t write a series of files to a completely blank CompactFlash card without fragmenting/interleaving the hell out of them, doesn’t mean I’m going to sit by and crank random bits & pieces of songs! Not cool man, not cool. So yeah, it looks like it’ll have to actually follow FAT16 file chains. Which means loading in and managing pages of the FAT while also trying to stuff the actual mp3 to the decoder as fast as possible. So yeah, full interrupt-driven buffering implementation (either that or “hello faster system clock” or “goodbye 320KBit/s”. Guess which I’m opting for? :-)

The PV2 sits neglected on the stack for now.

Girl Chasing:
Can’t tell if it’s a total write-off or not. Think I wound up in Diplomacy Limbo (somewhere more or less equidistant from “let’s hang out and cuddle!” and “Go away kid, ya bother me”. In other words, a Plan B of sorts), but I can’t be sure.

Think I needs me one of these.

QOTD: “Play Structure – these are two words that I think don’t really belong together.” -Me


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