Walk up pointing the field strength meter at them, scribble something in your clipboard, then mutter something ominous to yourself while walking away

Met up with with No* again today for some food / movies / playing with computers. Or was this the “Let’s prowl around in my ghetto little lab” extravaganza? (I really should write this stuff down the day it happens. Meh.) Well, let’s just say that any girl that is heard to without-provocation utter the words “let’s put Linux on it!” is pretty damned cool.

You are currently reading the bloggg of the Worst Girl-Body-Language Reading Guy Ever, but after careful review of my (substantially less than perfect) memory of the evening, …fuck, I should have kissed her. (I think. dammit…why’s this all gotta be so hard?)

QOTD: (Watching Lithuania whoop the USA’s ass in basketball during the Olympics, possibly not recently) “I wonder how many young Lithuanian kids are going to grow up not knowing America also has white people in it.”


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