Geeks of the World

Haha, I’m up at 7ish AM on a Sunday. Who, me? Yes, me. (Pause for horrified screams) Probably a good thing, after happening to wake up* just after 2PM (!) the day before. (A few days of in-the-lab-past-midnight-rigging-demos coupled with cloudcover the thickness of Homer Simpson’s skull will do that to ya, I guess. Oh, and if I never have to design another SMPS from parts scrounged literally off the lab floor, I can die a happy man.) Anyway, the purpose of this random early rising is to meet some equally random geeks (via Craigslist, hah) at the MIT swapfest, apparently a huge periodic event during the summery months where an insane amount of geeks get together and buy/sell/trade computer/HAM/electronic gear.

Anyway, it was a good time. Met No*, who seems pretty interesting, and all of her roommates. All of whom were pleasantly nor–all right, maybe I won’t use the dirty N word, but nobody showed up with running chainsaws or exuded any kind of exceptionally creepy vibe. (Unlike the other person I met up with via CL, but that’s another story.) After the swapfest we grabbed some grub; No* had to split, but us of the remaining group went to see Ghost in the Shell 2 afterward.

*where I define waking up as actually hauling my ass out of bed, rather than the multiple occurrences of coming up in some indeterminate state (with some vague memory of dreams nightmares preoccupations involving switchmode power supplies) and falling back into some kind of non-restful sleep for a little while longer.

QOTD: (L*, upon seeing a Halloween cake decorated with chocolate tombstones) “Ooh, a father’s day cake!”


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