Ocean fishin’ with the work crew

Where are they, lemme at 'em!

Loaded for bear

Blub Blub

First catch (a little one) (…the ones underneath…those are the bait!)

Ooooh, she's a little runaway

Once you catch ’em, you have to catch ’em again…in the boat!

Is it really moving, or am I just drunk?

Me hanging on for dear life (the boat, she was a rockin’)

Nature called, she left a message for....RALPH!

AJ chumming the waters, again (seasick much?)

Fish on!

Hey, it worked! (After a couple hours of lax fish activity, poles start going down hardcore…sometimes 4 at once)
The dude on the left once got skunked on a fishing trip, then bought a smoked salmon from the supermarket, wrapped it in ice & newspaper and brought it home. For two years (until someone spilled the beans), he had the wife convinced that he caught it! (They don’t come out of the water pre-smoked?)

And a million points of light...are ascending to the sky...

Where have I seen this before?

QOTD: When he heard her talking like a shore nuff down home southern belle, Jimmy began to sweat cause the swamp lizard hid in his BVDs was wanted to get out and sing Dixie. He hustled off after the other lady before things got plumb out a hand.


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