We went out and watched the DNC tonight downtown. OK, actually, we hit the pubs and observed the whole mess from a respectable distance (onscreen!) – but were in the thick of gay marriage and miscellaneous other protesters, blaring their diatribes from bullhorns mounted on gaudily-painted vans (gotta love conditional noise ordinances). I was originally planning to howl loudly everytime a politico said the words “Nine-Eleven”, but decided against it so as not to get kicked out of any establishments (and a guy’s gotta breathe sometime, too…) Towards the end of the evening, one of our guys somehow acquired about 100 linear feet of John Kerry stickers and stuck them to… Frickin Everything, which included random passers-by (hey, save some for my muffler repair).

“This is the Accused. He is behind spikes because if the Accused bites you, you become an Accused yourself.” (Seen here. I don’t know why, but this had me damn near pissing myself.)


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