Off Grid

Yes folks, I am now at the point of faking connection problems as the ‘most graceful’ exit strategy for uncomfortable questions. Why the hell am I protecting that deadbeat? I’m not. My main concern is The Fiancee (tF), whose stability is in considerable question. Of secondary concern is The Girlfriend (tG), who I still (somewhat in defiance of logic) give a shit about, although admittedly, the amount of a shit that I give is somewhat less than unity.

Now, who would unperson me for hinting them off about each other? Well, I can think of at least 3 people: The Deadbeat, for derailing his ho train; tF and tG, respectively, for knowing about this shit for the past 4+ months and keeping it a secret. Who else? A lot of interested 3rd-parties, no doubt, for substantially the same reasons just outlined. As previously mentioned, there are some justifiable concerns about tF’s stability…while I can’t predict with any certainty what would happen, some of the possibilities are things that I just absolutely, positively do not want to find myself responsible for…

So yeah, I will be feigning off-grid-ness as necessary, and hoping that whatever will happen will just happen already.

QOTD: “Grimace at life, the tobacco companies thank you.”


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