Haulin’ Gluteus, and maybe kickin’ some!

So, this weekend was the weekend of much furniture and other Stuff hauling, helping Kr* move into the World’s Tiniest Apartment in Waltham. Here is where our childhood Tetris addictions paid off. Budget Rent-a-moving-truck was supposed to have the 10-footer we reserved, but, whoopsie-doodle, didn’t. So the options were either a smaller van, or a mondo 16-footer that couldn’t be brought around corners or parked anywhere. She went for the van, which was (in my book) good news since neither of us drives a giant windowless pedo-van much / at all.

There are the van contents after we removed some stuff at the back. Insertion and removal of the mattress took multi-person pushing and shoving.

Also, upon driving to the address for the first time, I discovered that it brings my right past a couple of local adversaries, old and new. The first is my ex’s ex, my main source of threatening letters a couple years ago (now an obsolete adversary, but I still remember where the sucka lives)…the second, serendipitously enough, is this SPAMMER who’s been presumably running a dictionary attack* on my company’s mailserver, and whose first SPAM I received just a couple days before driving to Kr*’s place. (Why would a spam company ever put their street address on a piece of spam? To comply with the new US CAN-SPAM law. Basically, the law says that if you don’t forge the headers, have some kind of (however cumbersome) ‘Unsubscribe’ process, and put your company’s street address on the mailings, you Can Spam all you want.

The fact that it’s right on the way, driving right past it once a week or more is just too much of an opportunity to resist! WhaddoIdo, whaddoIdo?

* The spams are coming to a short address I have never actually sent mail from, but is there for the convenience of other employees.
EHLO a@example.com
>> 550 No such mailbox
EHLO b@example.com
>> 550 No such mailbox
EHLO tim@example.com
>> 250 OK, ready the firehose

Sure, I could jump through some hoops to ‘Unsubscribe’, but there’s principle involved here, and I think a letterbomb (of malarious mosquitos… fed on a steady diet of C-4… and covered in a mixture of anthrax and flesh eating bacteria… atop a stinky dead fish) would be a lot more fun. What is your proposal for dealing with a local spammer with a known address, probably operating out of a single (rented) studio in an office-park building?

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