Going-away party for the Dos

As subject implies :-) Hung with the whole work crew for a few hours, then us young farts branched off to have a (Dos’s last) night out on the town. Great times, with the possible exception of showing up at Georges (bar), which was completely dead and smelled like fish. Got the hell outta there. Met up with a couple girls that M* knew, in town visiting at the moment. Got all of us hanging off of (defacing?) a 3-ton bronze teddy bear in front of FAO Schwartz in the middle of the night. Ended up getting some *helpful* advice (ahem…not taken) regarding conversing with classy ladies: “Somehow, you have to bring up the topic of Brazil….then you can slip in something about a Brazilian wax, and see if she’s got one / heard of it / interested…”

QOTD: I wish I had the master power button. Think the world is consuming too much energy today? Turn it off. That would make a nice “shWOOoom” thing-turning-off noise.


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