So my girlfriend, who is awesome btw, has indicated that she’s not into the whole Valentine’s day thing (as in it kind of disgusts her a bit), and I shouldn’t do anything out of the ordinary on this day. She doesn’t like pink, excess sap, bad poetry, heart-shaped boxes full of chocolate (except to the extent that they contain chocolate; she is a girl after all)… so, am I just an exceptionally lucky man*, or am I actually walking into a bear trap?

* Not to crap at all on the idea of expressing my affection. But the whole socially pressured, Hallmark holiday thing just really skeeves me. Sometimes our hands are forced a bit, into going along with things we don’t really agree with–be it dealing with peoples’ whackass beliefs, working on gadgets uncomfortably close to weapons systems, killing some innocent Brown People or whatever. I see the pressure to honor Valentine’s Day as one of these cases. (Not to mention, I kind of suck at that whole romance thing. The only two times I was non-single on this date I either fully capitulated to the whole expectation (poorly), or spent it at the Chicago Public Library (though I’m marginally excused for this; it was her idea!).

And as I’ve previously mentioned, I think peppering my sweetheart with killed cut flowers is about the worst possible message to send).


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