Unique and beautiful snowflakes

According to The Great Google, I’m one of only three people on the planet who uses the term “backward-endian” to refer to computing platforms who store their bits and/or bytes in “little end first” order (aka. little-endian, where all the bits are stored least-significant-digit first and most-significant last, kind of like storing a million as 000,000,1. Ten million might be stored in an order such as 000,000,01 or 000,000,10 or 01,000,000, depending on exactly what level of backwardness is being referred to [bit-, byte-, or both]). Apparently “wrong-endian” is even a bit more common.

Also, apparently nobody besides Kr* uses the term “seed holes” in the context of pants. (I have 2 pairs of pants that came pre-nicked from the factory so they’d grow “hey, I play rough and/or do a lot of physical labor” fashion-holes after a few washings. I didn’t notice this fact until after a few washings.)

What are your own unique term-isms?

(To those who may accuse me of being a compulsive Googler and/or bored at work, let me assure you that I…er…I…am ending this post now.)


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