Grrrr #1

(yesterday) “I have good news and bad news. The good news is we have a wonderful testing opportunity for LCxxx (super-secret project slated to wrap up in, oh, April). Bad news is we’ll need a fully debugged, working prototype by next Friday. It’ll need to record continuously for 3 months on the ridiculously under-sized memory we slapped onto the test boards, without running out the ridiculously under-sized 9v battery. What are you doing this weekend?”

Grrrr #2

Me: whats up?
A*: nothing just waiting for ur bro to wake up to give me a call
Me: lol
Me: he’s still asleep?
A*: ya hes hasnt had much sleep this week
Me: y?
A*: probably cause hes out with his other gf
A*: lol jk
A*: dunno
A*: umm so do u think david would ever cheat on me?
A*: and if so with who
<artful dodge>….

QOTD: People deliberately lie for two reasons: To get what they want, and avoid conflict.
Actually people lie for a third reason, to GENERATE conflict. …
Actually people deliberatly lie for one reason: to get what they want. If I’m lying to avoid conflict or generate conflict, I’m still lying to get what I want.
What about people who tell the truth? Why do they do that?
So they can sleep at night.
So you say they lie in their sleep?


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