Done with people

This feeling has been steadily building, but really reached boilover this weekend or so. I kind of don’t want to see or hear any other humans, at least for a while. Nothing personal; just being around people, friends etc. – too many, too frequently and for too long – causes them in general to become unbelievably irritating and I just want to get as far away as possible. Kr* figured out the term I couldn’t fish for… “me-time”. I take that to mean the theoretical possibility of allocating a suitably large block of time and just holing up in a well-locked room somewhere, curling up with a good book (and/or a good project), with no interruptions, no social obligations and nobody monopolizing my time. In many ways, it’s great not to be alone… but once in a while I long for the days when I didn’t have any remotely close (and/or local) friends and could actually get my own shit done.

To fully describe the feeling of the moment would keep me up far too late to be useful at work tomorrow, which I somewhat need to be, so I’m going to go to bed instead… I have serious blog-catching-up to do (someday in the not-too-distant future. Probably eating a bit of my valuable no-people-time).


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