Berry nice

A posse was rounded up this weekend for sort of a double date – raspberry and blueberry picking at a farm away-up-north. Without even getting ourselves too lost, we succeeded getting there in a timely manner, and left with at least ten pints of berries, a jug of cider, wine and a greasy (as it soon became clear) bag of cider donuts, all of which were tasty. We made a detour to a small town candy shop and ice cream stand, and found some rocks by the ocean to play on. Afterward, posse + HAL assembled at JR’s to make dinner and dessert (have to put all these berries to good use somewhere!) and do some Wii’ing.

Yesterday, JR and M came over; we finished digging out mini-garden-patch #2, chucking all the crabgrass and rootballs thereof, spread some shit all over (ahem, I guess they prefer to call that stuff manure, because hey, who would ever pay money for a big bag of shit?), and planted the last of the sprouts. Some of them didn’t look so hot, but we’ll see what they do. Tried sushi at a place in Medford called Sei Bar, which was alright. My raw fish craving is now wide awake.

Saw Kr* again today, everything seems to be going well so far :) Aaah, normal relationship…There’s nothing “maintenance contract”y to deal with, which is refreshing, but it also means being thrown into the deep end of actually having to plan dates/events* and try to seem interesting, and all that normal boyfriend stuff I have very limited and outdated experience with. We spent tonight at her place quite literally laying around for a long stretch of time, but didn’t really talk much. I thoroughly enjoyed myself… but sooner or later she’s going to want more, and I have no idea how I’ll hack myself into providing it.

* never put an embedded developer in charge of planning things. If forced to do so one will generate a perfectly timed, massively parallelized plan – however, the slightest deviation from the plan will cause the whole thing to crash and burn in spectacular fashion.


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