Quick update: HAL, a friend and former college roommate from Back Home (or close), is going to be in Boston this weekend for a job interview on Friday. I’d like to drag him around the city a bit and introduce him to my friends. What are people doing this weekend?

Looks like I have a very slight reprieve (Monday) to decide just what I’m doing about that whole homeowning thing; full-stop closing date would be july 18 at latest (rate lock expires).

The last couple days have been the Days from Hell. Maybe not the 7th circle of hell, reserved for child molesters and encyclopedia salesmen, but the more temperate outside fringe, where habitual porn surfers and serial jaywalkers are condemned to rig up micropower demos for energy harvesting applications (hardware and firmware) on zero notice, all the while being interrupted every 15 seconds to help them out with wiring, coding, come up with a reliable demo-quality adjustable disturbance source (Rezu! Yes, my company is now demoing cutting-edge research using vibrator parts), driver installs, fix the demos after they break them during while machining their enclosures, have long chats with customers, fish through email to forward some contacts to said customer, or immediately tackle some other subcrisis.

“Yeah, we need this stuff ready in like 3 days (1.5 of which are already taken up by your existing projects with immediate deadlines). We could have come to you with this last week, but, ah, didn’t. Did you used to have any plans tonight?”

Between all this stuff and 4am-still-staring-at-the-ceiling mortgage thought, I’m pretty fuckin’ beat.


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  1. Seth says:

    Say Huzzah to our mutual friend HAL for me.

  2. Tim says:

    Will do!

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