White powder

As foretold by prophecy, I hit the slopes again today. (Umm…*snif* I can quit whenever I want) Actually getting the hang of this thing now, and have advanced from ridiculous speed to ludicrous speed and (mostly) mastered the art of slicing around randomly without planting my face. In fact, the guys I was meeting at the bottom later didn’t recognize me at first, because I came in feet-down :-) Kickass. Went to the side that *really* meant business. Maybe not the best of plans…ended up giving the snow oral once, but unharmed. Came down again just to prove that I was boss, with better results :) A little tender the next day.

QOTD: “I want evil Tamagotchis which breed. They could randomly take on behaviors which cause irritation and emotional distress to their owners, such as playing sick or crying a lot. They could measure their success by how many times the owner presses the off button, in a futile attempt to stop the harrassment. When two Tamagotchis are within radio frequency range, they could exchange data on the most successful techniques, and try to develop new techniques from random combinations of the old ones.”


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