Toilettesitz nicht fuer gewerken bei das dumbkopfen

Found this on ye olde slashdot today:
The Social Norm of Leaving the Toilet Seat Down: A Game Theoretic Analysis

Nothing I haven’t said before of course, but their version invokes game theory and your calculator.

Now, I have some questions:
1) Does anyone actually make a big issue of toilet seat state (i.e. the yelling factor)?
2) Isn’t it the slightest bit incongruous in our modern era of equality (post-1920) to specifically impose one over another?
3) Do people actually “fall in”? (or for the man-specific case, pee in pitch darkness without first checking the state of the seat and/or lid and make a huge mess?)
3a) Is this due to inability to work a terlet seat, or inablility to work a light switch?

Please advise…


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