It’s official! My card came today.

Yup… I have officially joined the ranks of the loser. Yes, that thar’s an internet singles site, and yes, I’m on it. Now, to join a hotornot

S*: im bored…… come and get me
Me: hehe
Me: sounds like a sandwich’s last words
Me: oooo, new form of matter
S*: what bout sandwiches\????
Me: a sandwich’s last words… “I’m bored, come get me”
S*: how are they bored???
Me: nvm
S*: where do u get that shit
Me: Idunno…if I were a sandwich, sitting in a refrigerator all day or something, I would be bored
S*: lol
Me: and I think at that point, as a sandwich, I would welcome being narfed


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