Identification and Significance

Okay folks, so that day is coming up next week. Normally, I’d assault your eyes with one of my customary valentine’s day rants (or miscellaneous cheese), but instead…

This next week I am accepting applications* for a coffee date. For those who do not like coffee… too damn bad! I like coffee. Er, I mean, it just wasn’t meant to be. The successful applicant will experience a complete failure good-faith effort on my part at being romantic, and possibly flowers**. Oh yeah, and won’t spend the evening alone. That’s worth something, right? ;-)

*applicants should be free of crazy and/or stupid. Please note that applicants previously rejected are not eligible to re-apply. Women only, please.

** or a living plant which has the capability of producing nice flowers — not the cut kind. I still don’t believe expressing affection by killing something beautiful is the right message to send.


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