Fuck. I think I’ve slept a total of 14h this entire week. Which is usually more than enough to keep me out of bizarre mental states, but in general, me + extreme sleep deprivation = unpleasant.

Getting all my work shizzle together before my trip back to chicago this+next week. Today I have…

Recoded the electronic flashbang’s firmware to detect several potentially catastrophic hardware faults, such as lamp failure, undercurrent / current sense failure amd lamp pre-ignition, and safely handle them should they ever occur (last thing we need is a device designed as an intrinsically safe weapon-replacement melting down into hot slag in the user’s hand);

Written unattented fatigue-test routines for same;

Taught GG how to switch different testmodes in and out of the code and reprogram the prototypes;

Researched high-speed wireless data acquisition for helicopter blade testing;

Prepared an Oh Shit Kit for the testing nextnext Tues. in CT. (you know, “Oh shit, we need some quick ‘n dirty signal filtering” … “Oh shit… our wire harness is two inches too short” … “Oh shit…DAQ systems designed by Canadians expect the entire datastream backward-endian?” … “*bang* Oh shit, there had better be a spare in that bag or we’re in big fucking trouble” …)

Fully documented and integrated my spin-stand controller hardware in a way that even Mechies can (hopefully) use it without my supervision ;)

Almost blew it up! (grr, still can’t let those Mechies near it)

On the way home I found a plant/tree abandoned for the trashman on my street, and gave it a good home.

In a newly-met friend’s tradition of giving Everything a name… I think it looks like a Bart :-)


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