Sunday is code monkey day

+5 Ward against Distraction
For the next 24 hours, target ally is equipped with a Ward against Distractions while coding. While so equipped, target is immune from interruptions arising from social responsibilities and has a 50% chance to “block” LJ, instant messages and lengthy going-nowhere phone calls.

A man can dream, can’t he?

Anyway, I haven’t written here in a while. Mostly busy with a work project, and outside of that, being a lazy bum. is now up at its final(?) location, none of that Web Site Overnight managed crap, and forums whipped into shape. (Now to just beat some sense into a Flash designer, until he is a non-Flash designer ;-) This is a project aimed at promoting a Renewable Energy Minimum Standard for new construction projects over $500k. Still very much a work-in-progress at this point; the numbers, feasibility, etc., still need some discussion and tweaking before it comes within stick-poking distance of actual legislation. Took care of some cexxy site/forums stuff, including an ex-questionable-software-company whining about people still considering them questionable (will wait and see if they threaten lawyers), and getting back to the governmental 3-letter agency looking into a malware company long overdue for quality time in Federal PMITA Prison (although what they usually get is a slap on the wrist fine in exchange for empty promises not to do it again).

Saturday, rounded up a posse, headed to Midwest Grill and consumed a week’s worth of protein in a day. And about half a skewer worth of chicken hearts. GJM had to disappear early, but everyone else stuck around, and we ended up with more people than car. The idea of putting SA in my full-of-crap trunk for a few blocks was not well-received, so he got crammed instead onto JR’s lap and we did the clown-car thing until the corner before the police station (where the clown-car thing is not well-received). Afterward, we all made our way back to LE and crew’s place, hung out, played Blokus* and some DS Mario. This is fun, I should hang out with people more often. (And, you know, figure out how to talk to them and stuff.)

Sunday, barricaded myself in my room and decided I was going to write an actually finished version of USBPoker and release it. Actually, the idea was to have it done as part of the test suite for the ending-Wednesday USB-hardware work project, but in retrospect that wasn’t going to happen (nor is it a particularly good idea to give a real live customer something written only a couple days before). All that aside though, in reality the world must have been aware that I was trying to do something productive, because both my phone and AIM client wouldn’t stop (figuratively speaking) ringing.

* if I ever actually wrote that LJ memespread alarm widget, it would be going off now.


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