All the wrong reasons

I learned today, through a grapevine of extraordinary magnitude, that someone I know has been cheating on someone I care about with someone else I care about, which bugs me a bit. (Sorry folks, I don’t do that private-entry crap, so you’ll have to take some educated guesses here.)
Since I have no stake in the matter whatsoever, this bugs me more than it probably should–however, awareness of this fact has not made it bug me any less. You see, this cheater-person is one of those guys who typifies everything I can’t stand about my gender. Like a parasite jumping from one host to another, this type will, without a thought, sacrifice an arbitrary amount of investment for an incremental perceived improvement…or choicest piece of ass, to use that authentic terminology. “Heehee, I’m tradin up!” A person who will not even talk to someone if they are not attractive. In other words, not the kind of person I would want to get involved with anyone I actually care about.

After over a year of uncharacteristic faith and devotion, I was kinda hoping he’d actually outgrown that shit.

QOTD: The AUR shall not support fungus growth when exposed to USDA Fungus numbers QM 386, 380, 432, 474, and 459.


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