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For those who have posted comments to my blog, only to see them (or not see them) disappear into the aether, take heart! Comments are active again. I guess they were never technically “disabled”, in the sense that attempting to post comments would return an error; instead of immediately posting they were just held in a queue for moderation, which rather than flag a few dozen spam comments each day for the one valid comment every couple months or so, I just gave up bothering with.

Anyway, the 3-day weekend gave me a chance to do some necessary blog-software-updating and incorporate a spam filter. I’m currently going through the massive backlog of comment spam and approving the valid ones. From here on, comments posted to should appear immediately, as long as there’s nothing vaguely suspect about them (e.g. URLs in the body, discussion of poker/pharmaceuticals, posted from an open proxy, etc.). Posters of vaguely suspicious comments might be asked to complete one of those annoying CAPTCHAs before the comment gets posted.

(Comments on the LJ account are of course not affected by any of this; with few exceptions the entire world can post to it anonymously again.)

(And the world wonders what nerds do on their weekends…)


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  1. Jeff says:

    Sorry to bother you,
    But, I finally got around to doing the hack for the original dakota camera and it seems to be turning off after a couple of seconds… any idea’s on this? I checked, and I put fresh batteries in :) the connectors are all attached… Oh, and my flash bulb no longer works… Hmmm… I’m using the latest version of the reader, as well. I downloaded the updates but am a bit cautious about installing them… Thanks!

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