Operation shag-pad II!

Well, I have officially moved into the $635/mo place. Which is good, because I will need the extra cash to sink into my car, which has decided to make its last stand in the office parking lot. It was only a busted starter (as far as the ‘necessary’ repairs; the soup can and duct tape on the muffler can stay for awhile), but this does break the car’s dubious record of having failed a lot, but never actually left me/itself stranded anywhere (e.g. requiring a tow truck). Fun. Anyway, once that’s taken care of, I’ll have to go get a bed and some furniture, deck the place entirely in leather and faux woodgrain, some mirrors for the ceiling, etc., and make my room a tribute to shagging the world over. That, and find someone to actually shag. That’s always the difficult part, my interior-decorating inabilities notwithstanding. Hey y’all out there, I’m a skinny geek-dude living just north of Boston. Will you shag me? Umm…please? ;-)

This weekend, I’ll really have to get offa my lazy dead ass and get a bed. This sleeping-bag-on-the-floor thing is not conducive to shagging, nor to the happiness of my back and negative-body-fat butt.


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