Sweet, my brain *does* work in 3D

I’ve been remembering segments of dreams the last couple weeks, which is highly unusual for me, and they’ve been…well, no “sleepwanking”* involved, but unusually amorous.

The most recent one, however, was orgasmic for other reasons. I guess you could say it was a post-apocalyptic humans-vs-our-own-AI-run-amok story, vaguely reminiscent of The Matrix trilogy with a less sucky ending. Or at least, one that leaves the whole thing open for yet another sequel (it ends with the last remaining elegant machinery of the AI Bad Guys escaping Earth’s atmosphere as an entire city explodes beneath it and vaporizes the last of the core – presumably to colonize other planets, although this was left open-ended). I can’t really remember what the storyline was, much less translate it to human-readable (it was one of these disjointed, bizarre things that made perfect sense until I woke up, in that way that only dreams can), but it was an orgiastic visual feast of intricately-rendered goodness all the same. If only I had any artistic talent, I’d love to reproduce it.

* apparently it’s an actual term
hey, that’s only happened once…


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