New years

Ah, it’s more official than ever. This morning the Boston guy called, and he says, “Where are you? Are you at the airport, can I pick you up?” I can’t ever tell if this guy’s being serious or not. But the executive summary of this story is that I’m wanted out there and pronto (by Jan. 3rd), so that he can get me all set up and working before he leaves on some longish trip. Arrrrrgh. Just when I meet cool non-dumbass people, too. But let’s worry about that later, nothing (fire, flood, or act of MIDE) is going to stop me from celebrating my last night in Chicago with a little New Years Par-Tay. KRISTOFF was able to stay ’til maybe 4-ish (far-away party engagements). So I got to be the world’s worst host for a day as I went to the bank, changed over my car title (ready to SELL that biatch! or give it away to someone I don’t like), etc.

The Doctor sounded like he had the most happenin’ plan, so I cordially invited myself there. T*, for some reason, actually wanted to hang out with me (ok, the Nando gang) over her own people, so I picked her up and brought her along. She got to meet and be frightened by the Great and Ever-Powerful Kristoff :-) Ah, so we started by (finally) seeing T3 end-to-end, well okay, not right away; we get about 1/3 into it and the Doctor family shoos everyone out ofthe house and leaves for several hours, what’s up with that? Kristoff had left already; so myself, T* and Dave come back to my house, Dave randomly ditches to hang out with his gf, so we decided we’d watch Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. So my parents are sitting around in front of my nice bigscreen Trashin TV but not actually watching it, just kind of getting in the way. I subtly hint that this is not really the kind of movie they might appreciate (e.g. it has more fucks in it than a Delta Chi house, and centers mainly around bathroom/sex humor and drug usage), but they seemed to be adamant about seeing it anyway (maybe it’s the Tim + movie + girl thing), and apparently found it to be quite worthwhile entertainment. So Dave and fiancee reappear at my house and stay there, while T* and myself eventually return to the Doctor’s when he gets back from his dinner outing extravaganza. So, we watch the rest of T3 (after convincing Matt the obsessed freak that we don’t need to restart from the beginning), and then the deleted scenes, and the special features, and the director’s commentary, and…ya, getting a little excessive, so we (over Matt’s dead body) kill the T3 disc and try to find stuff to do. All of the Doctor’s party plans have fallen through, so we set out walking, then driving, then walking around the neighborhood listening for wild young-people parties (no dice). We ended up ringing in the new year in my rolling deathtrap, to the sound of a badly degrading exhaust system and more people squished into the backseat than it was really designed for. (Ya, sorry guys…and I hope y’all used deodorant). Then walking around the neighborhood again talking about all kinds of petty mischief we could get up to but didn’t. Eventually we got back and just started talking and stuff. Dave and almost-wifey showed up, and she flirted with pretty much everybody (except Dave, which must have infuriated him to no end), even the little Nando pervs, who spent the entire night trying to look up T*’s skirt. and succeeding, lucky bastards So at maybe 4-ish in the morning, we dropped off T* (who I was sure would get into all sorts of trouble, but luckily didn’t) and Dave’s gf; last, last goodbyes to these people I might not see for half a year. I wasn’t crying or anything, but damn…this all went so fast…


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