Sweet home

My good buddy from college, KRISTOFF, crazied on in this morning in his bright yellow fruitcakebeetle. We decided that, being one of my possibly last days in Chi-Town, we’d take the train downtown and spend the day bumming around. Armed with a trusty (or is that touristy?) street map, we went in search of a few cool shops we knew of, including music stores that actually sell decent music, and lots of it (not the Top 100 stuff you find at Best Buy). We didn’t walk in *too* many circles, only a few, but spent the better part of a day walking around in the beautiful downtown. I think I must’ve tripped over something along the way, since I developed a wow-I-think-I-tore-something pain somewhere in the top of my foot that didn’t go away for about 2 weeks, ruining my I-never-stay-injured-for-long record, and spent the rest of the day (and then some) stumping around like some old man. Finally, around maybe 9 or 10 we came back home, and stayed up crazy late watching cheezy horror flicks. Also heard some *interesting* news/gossip about a couple of our other mutual friends, which I’ll not go into here.


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