Little reminders

The first part of today involved picking up T* and taking her back to my house to hang out and meet my brother and some friends. So we hung out a bit at my house, and then went over to see The Dr. for a few hours. It was a good time. The whole time my brother’s fiancee was calling and leaving messages/text on his phone and the guys kept track of how many minutes between calls/messages, and he acted all pissed off in front of the guys (e.g. “why won’t that bitch leave me alone?”), while at the same time sending back all this lovey dovey stuff. We tried watching T3, we saw a bit of it but T* had to be home.

The second part of this day was somewhat less of a pleasure. When news of my Boston job opportunity got around, all of the sudden my ex-girlfriend starts writing to me and wants to see me again. I figured this kind of an odd (more than) coincidence, but agreed to meet her anyway–at the very least, I thought, I would get a few burning questions answered, or at least find out how and why the relationship failed so I could learn from any mistakes rather than repeat them. So, we would agree on a time and place, and she would agree on it and later come up with some excuse for why she couldn’t make it.

Then there was the phone thing. She called me randomly from her work to talk, so we talk for a while, then she puts me on hold for about 10 minutes, with the annoying on-hold music and everything. Then she comes back, and I say “hi again” or whatever, and click, I’m back on hold. This happens several times, until I decide I’ve had enough and hang up. I can just imagine this one doing it as an experiment, to see how much I would put up with (e.g. how much power she still held over me. lol) She did call back immediately after my hangup, and claim that some work was being done on the phone system that day, and all the lines were screwed up (which could have even been true, but I am long past the point of trusting this one ;-)

So, tonight was the night she actually showed up. The whole night she was all pretend-flirty and (as we watched a movie) close, maybe too close for people who have no further interest in one another. Strangely, I enjoyed this (having a semi-cute girl close and all) far less than I would expect myself to.


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