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Bulk-blogging the last few days’ of stuff due to server outage, busy-ness and general hecticity…

This is one of those annoying memes where you post the first sentence of the first entry of every month, and it’s supposed to be kind of like a mini-review of the last year of your life. Unfortunately my blog is horribly cryptic (or at least the first sentences are), so most of ’em don’t actually tell you anything…

Jan: I was here in Boston for Christmas, nothing too exciting there, but then headed home for New Years’ by way of NYC (to see VNV Nation live, what else?), where J.R. was spending the break.

Feb: I woke up this morning to the sound of some idiot bitching to some other idiot during a radio phone interview on a station selected for having the most signal strength where my alarm clock is located, with my head apparently full of the grindings of heavy grinding and with no covers left on my bed.

Mar: All right, after a site devoted to telling you your IP address sold out to the unnamed highest bidder, I figured I’d replace it… because it’s 1 line of php code, and because I can.

Apr: At work, my PM guy abruptly resigned, making me a project manager as of 4:45pm today.

May: Zzt…zzt…zzzzz… That now makes three of them. Three consecutive DVD-RW drives to die within a week of installation (Samsung, Samsung, Memorex).

Jun: test! test! *tap tap*…is this thing on? Cexxy blog and LJ. Where one rolls the other follows…

Jul: It must be the heat.

Aug: Yes, indeedy. Get thee to CVS Pharmacy, find the rack of PureDigital “one-time use” camcorders, and let the kite-cams, model-rocket-cams, rough-n-tumble helmet cams, and the hordes of poorly-composed ameteur porn movies begin!

Sep: To whom would I be billing this time?

Oct: I didn’t actually go out looking for this, honest

Nov: Will document the weekend once I’m actually home, because that might take a little while. In the meantime…

Dec: Admin: “Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.”


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