Dear bloggg,
I need to leave you for a little while. Maybe only a few days. Too much annoying stuff going on. I’ve just gotten sucked into administering (fixing, hacking, patching, cleaning out, …) the cexxy forums, and cleaning out the email, and…

workness. Seeker arm schmeeker arm, but I know a certain TMSc6713-based board that’s about to redefine “embedded system” by becoming implanted in the nearest wall I throw it at. And…

housemates. Or at least one in particular. Hasn’t figured out how to use a toilet properly, and it’s starting to cheese me off. I shouldn’t be having to have the “boys don’t pee with the seat down” talk, let alone the “Dingleberries” talk… And…

I had all these good ideas for projects, then realized I’m going to be old and dead before finding time to actually start/finish them. Irrational fascination with tri-color LED binkenlights has been part of it (think the building in Boston whose lighted spire changes colors to indicate tomorrow’s weather, and or “sox game, traffic sux”)…although my ideal Nondescript Artsy Status Light would also tell me how much unread email I have and whether the washer/dryer in my house are free. And while they’re busy querying weatherunderground daily anyway, they’d also set my alarm clock ahead 15 or 30 minutes if there’s a big snow coming, so that I don’t end up late for work when everyone else forgets how to drive :-)

One’s not even an electronics project…although another more-than-i-can-chew coding adventure is probably not a good idea until I’m no longer staring at asm/C for 8h a day and getting sick of All Things Computational.

porn sites everywhere
run in fear, then develop
deft countermeasures

Anyway, (not really) top-secret LiVE project has bubbled its way toward the top of my project stack, after finding another used-to-be-valid blog link now returning porn spam. Won’t be your average 404-checking software – my only beef is that most any possible anti-exploitative technology (spyware remover, spam filter, antivirus, LiVE) is purely defensive; it doesn’t close the loop and exert negative feedback on the would-be exploiter.

If you can’t beat ’em…you aren’t using a big enough stick…

QOTD yesterday:
(while plugging things experimentally into a dodgy power strip) *click* breaker blows, computer powers off.
“Fuck! The download!” -JR

QOTD today:
(in complete deadpan, chinese accent) “You’re right, this computer DOES hate people.” -KS


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