Xmas in a nutshell

Today was our big Christmas dinner with my mom’s side of the family. To my shock and amazement, everyone stuck around after they were done scarfing floor-turkey (of course, we didn’t tell them they were eating floor-turkey…um, it was all washed off and stuff…I think…) and talked and stuff. My uncles and us young ‘uns got into a discussion of all the crazy, stupid, dangerous and illegal but very fun-sounding stuff they did in their younger years. I’m not repeating any of it here, due to the dangerous and illegal part (sorry folks).

Afterward, my aunt and uncle were having their own Christmas party with some people they know, so we had about 20 people crammed into this little condo all shooting the bull. Good times, even if I always come back reeking of 2nd-hand smoke.

Then I was online and talked to T* and F* (both of whom I should ask about using their names here :) and it sounds like the holiday blahness is not as localized as I thought. I talked to T* for a couple hours, and it sounds like she is having as rough a time with old-relationship retrospectives as I am having with everything else. I really hope she is feeling better; other than being there to listen and a shoulder to cry on (or in this case, a virtual one) there’s not much I can do for her; my cheer-people-up abilities are lacking, especially at the moment. (More like misery-loves-company abilities…) F* seemed in somewhat better spirits, given the nature and frequency of scatalogical references, and we talked for a bit about how I am planning to move all my stuff to Boston, and whether I’ll actually attempt to get there in my p.o.s.mobile (but of course :).


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