More Xbox…!

This is the thread that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends… (for anyone who’s been living under a rock, the longest trail of backward references in the history of this bloggg begins here.

This week I received 4 urgent(-looking) letters from Wells Fargo, saying in turn that a) the fraud investigation for the old account has been closed (bet they didn’t even look for the guy); b) they caught and fixed the double-credit issue ranted about in my previous entry on this subject (alas, free $159 is back out of my pocket); c) I need to call them immediately about some urgent matter on my new account; d) my credit limit has been increased.

Anyway, the urgent matter (called back er…. a week or 2 after I got the letter, when I could be bothered to open it; hey, I was busy) was that they were crediting ~ $2 back to my account that they didn’t before…shipping charges or some nonsense. (Technically, based on what an hour of my time is billed at, it cost me more than that to pick up the phone and do all that talking ;) Incidentally, I found it really interesting that their response to a stolen account was to raise the limit and give some theoretical ne’er-do-well more to (try to) steal the next time around.


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