Piele and wiele, reunited at last

Woo, I have my car back. Note to self: Never get it fixed at the dealer again. Unless they’re making starters out of solid gold now, I just got a screwin’.

What I’m thinking now…. Home Depot run! My shopping list is as follows:

Large metal pins + cotter pins + plastic rolly apparatus (don’t know how to describe it; I’ll know ’em when I see ’em) to finally assemble the new free futon in our living room I got from GJM with some parts missing;

Dirt, and hanging pots for all my hanging plants that currently aren’t;

Thick silver chain for purely decorative purposes;



Plexiglass (if they even carry it);

Anything else I can think of. Anyone else in the Boston area craving hardware? Let me know and we’ll organize a trip :)


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