Girl power…?

Kind of like an honorary degree, except not, I’ve been told that I’m an honorary girl. I spent the long holiday weekend, among other things, learning how to braid hair. You know, like that stuff that grows on your head when you aren’t looking.

Why? Because it was something to do with friends, whose company I consistently enjoy, which is more than I can say for the majority of my species. And I was learning something new, which I think is never a bad thing.

Just as much, it feels like a protest of sorts, a rageless rage against the typical Alpha Male Bullshit that seems to typify my gender. Most of my friends are celebrating the holiday by getting piss drunk and watching sports. Can’t wait to see the looks of shock and mortification when they ask what I did over the weekend… :-)

So anyway, I have the process down, or at least my brain-brain does. My hand-brain seems to get tripped up by the fact that it’s impossible to get 3 different…meta-strands?… exactly evenly matched, so all of the sudden one feels ‘different’ and it breaks the sequence, which relies on being able to perform the same motion over and over with high repeatability. Needless to say, my first attempt looked more like angry gothic rotini than anything that should grow out of a person’s head.

I also spent significant amounts of time playing, and/or being addicted to, Metroid Prime. I all but gave up videogames once the console wars started getting ridiculous, redirecting this energy to LAN games when in college, then kind of losing interest when I graduated, leaving no more dorm LAN to play on. But every so often a game comes along that’s just a masterpiece, a work of art…so immersive that for a moment you can forget that a world outside that the developers created even exists. It feels nice to disappear into such a world, at least for a little while, getting away from everything, even yourself.


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