An observation

My car mysteriously died while I was on vacation this August; when I got back and started it for the first time, it ran for about a second, died and would not restart. (Yaya…it has spark, battery’s good, fuel pump working… could be a dirt-napping timing belt.) Anyway, I’ve been meaning to get that fixed, but like 3e+08 other things I’ve been meaning to do, haven’t. Now realizing I’ve been car-less for about a month now and it hasn’t really been a problem. In fact, in these spring/summer/fall months when I’ve been mostly walking places because it’s nice out and I like to walk (and more recently, bike), the biggest problem has been remembering to drive somewhere (anywhere) every 2 days to keep the ShCity of Medford from ticketing/towing it for being parked in one place for more than 48h. The observation is that for the most part, I pretty much just use my car to transport other people (often to places I don’t particularly care to be).


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