Tonight, my bro came home all pissed off. He was in a car accident in Cicero with some lane-jumping punk, which hurt his girlfriend’s recently-operated-on knee and mashed up the front/side of his unghettomobile a bit. Also along for the ride were E (Eric) and terminator The Doctor yogurt boy Matt, and it was like 3am on a Monday, so we all decided to go out trashing. For the uninitiated, trashing refers to driving around the neighborhood on trash pick-up day (the ritzier the neighborhood, the better) watching the curb for discarded electronics, antiques, or whatever else your free-stuff-loving heart desires. It’s mostly an excuse to drive around with people, screw off and be stupid, but you can also pick up a lot of nice and surprisingly non-trashy stuff. Sadly, this week’s haul consisted of nothing but the trashy kind, such as a mono VCR (what’s up with that?) and weapons of mass destruction. What began as a simple trashing run went until about 6 in the morning (!) of just goofing off, and a good time was had by all.



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