Yesterday, “goth nite” at its temporary club, preceded by dinner at the Pu Pu Hot Pot (beating Rockford, IL’s own (former?) “Lung Fung’s” [for those who don’t see things like that, that’s one character away from Lung Fungus {google concurs}] for Most Badly Named Chinese Restaurant, but the food was okay). Since I don’t exactly know the observability requirements of the folks I came with, I’ll kind of just leave this as more of a datestamp entry.

[20:44] K*: I cannot date someone who does not want to see me.
[20:44] K*: Even if they do love me.
[20:45] K*: I did not sign on to sit at home on Friday nights all alone.
[20:45] K*: I can do that single.

[20:57] K*: I HATE IT HERE!
[20:58] K*: I think hicks make my teeth fall apart.
[21:03] K*: I hate these pick-up driving, daughter raping, ignorant minded, Militia supporting, cigarette smoking, tooth less, trailer living, NASCAR loving , cracker, hick, Deliverance quoting, diseased creatures


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