“We’re there when you need us…call 1-800-EAT-WORMS; That’s 1-800-EAT-WORMS.”

Am I going deaf? Or are radio adverts getting less distinct? I don’t really listen to it much, but our new intern at work always has a radio on in our office. (“Keep the country goin’, government farms…”) Maybe it’s one of those things where, once you hear something wrong once (due to low volume, etc.), you can only ever hear it that way afterward. Or maybe exposure to advertising kills brain cells.

[19:29] Arc*: We need to get you drunk…
[19:29] Arc*: On Thursday?!
[19:29] Me: hehe
[19:29] Me: me drunk why?
[19:29] Arc*: Or maybe take you to Fasika and feed you?
[19:29] Arc*: So you forget how old you are. =)
[19:29] Me: ah…yeah…I forgot about that


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